Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lissy's Fifteenth!

Here's some calculation for ya folks.
Now is 2016. We came into this world in 1991. So, do the math.

It used to feel like yeay another birthday, but this year it felt like this
"OH MY GOD I'm 25!!!!"
(I'll rant more on THAT feeling later)

So anyhow, Lisma shall forever be our first celebration every year (2/1/1991) and the best thing about that day was, she nearly fainted (okaylah hyperbola...dia berdebar berpeluh nervous je). The thing is, she does not like surprises, AT ALL. She gets dizzy, sweaty and could get a panic attack from surprises and she was on the verge of a panic attack (I felt bad but so good at the same time, #sorrynotsorry)

Brunch at Lepaq Lepaq as a quartet after MONTHS of messaging with each other

There's a saying about how 24 hours is not enough in a day, I can relate to that every time I'm meeting up with these girls. Its not the same when you are messaging and when you are there in person to have a conversation with. You wont get the feel, the tone of the conversation, the over-dramatic response of eye goggling, jaw dropping of the stories told in whatsapp. 

The Crew

So, the birthday girl thought it was just our usual brunch-karok-dinner date and didnt suspect a thing of what she was about to walk in. I shall not share the details of our karok session coz it was definitely in one of my not worse but BAD karok session entirely because of the place but my new year's resolution wont allow me to write bad about people/place/service. So yeah.


Her first surprise was our birthday gift which had lead to her almost panic attack 
"Wei berpeluh aku sbb nervous" while patting her chest with a serious face which scared me a bit whether she could cope with what's coming up next. Faiz was our runner for the balloons and cakes and was waiting for our arrival at The Counter (super duper love this place. DEFINITELY coming back for more). We greeted Lisma with a birthday song and ran away from her cubitans and pukulans and she was truly touched and was safe. No Panic Attack meltdown. Mission Success !

The Aftermath
See all that teeth, smile, grin, happy face? So you see Lissy, its not that bad for surprises right?
Happy Birthday Lisma, here's to having each other through the many phases in life and here's to celebrating your quarter of century of life ! I love you deep deep !

Za Re Lis Nis

It was all a coincidence that our seating arrangements is exactly as our whatsapp group name abbreviation for Zatul Reen Lisma Nisa. 


Our very own Miss Universe aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddd here's a video of me explaining about her pretty lembik crown. Do ignore the high pitch giggle.

[9/1/2016 : Pavilion]

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello 2016 !

HELLO New Year !

here's the cliche new year's resolution post......... NOT.

I'd like to begin this year with my love-hate relationship list, maybe later there's more to add on but at the moment, these are my top love-hate relationship!

Love-Hate Relationship (LHR)

1. Sports Bra

Okay, maybe I'm new to this world of sports, to getting used to wear this type of bra, but the horror of putting them on, my god, YOU COULD SWEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT. Kidding I am not. Yes, its functional, it protects your breast while you exercise, it gives good posture for your body. Much LOVE for its function but I HATE the process of putting them on and taking them off. Maybe some girls do not face this problem but for me it is a struggle. To all my fellow sisters facing this problem, I Feel You !

2. Nur Amanina Taufik

Whom you may ask is this person? This girl ah, whenever she's home, she'll definitely ruin my so-called-strict-diet with either her new baking recipes or she'll make me take her to new places with DAMN INTERESTING FOOD TO TRY OUT. Like seriously dude....where the heck did you found out this stuff and why must they be so tempting and irresistible ? but I LOVE here cause this girl is super rajin in joining contest and have very high effort to ensure she WINS every freaking contest she enters. Here's a list of things I've benefited (is that even a word?) from her streak of luck and rajinness

1. Bruno Mars Concert @ PWTC ( 2011 )

our FIRST concert ever and she got us VIP ROCK ZONE concert....... we were a FEW INCHES AWAY from BRUNO MARS because we managed to stand SECOND in line from the stage....*faint* still cant believe it !

2. Boyce Avenue Concert @ KL LIVE (12/2/2015)

who can say NO to the Manzano brothers? I am not a BIG fan but their covers are pretty awesome and hearing them LIVE is so thrilling !

3. Christina Perri (3/3/2015)

and for this one she even scored A MEET AND GREET session with this awesome vocal singer !

4. Electric Guitar signed by KELLY CLARKSON (15/4/2015)

like SERIOUSLY, that guitar has been touched and SIGNED by THE Kelly Clarkson, who doesnt love this power vocal lady ?? and it was given to me for my 24TH BIRTHDAY PRESENT...... no one can top THAT like ever Na.... I FREAKING LOVE YOU !

Well, That's all for now. Till next time !

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Too Faced

From left : Coral Fuchsia Nude Peony Ruby Violet

I wants 

In that order.... or perhaps all ?

I blame you LISMA AMIR for creating this addictions.

They smell like old lipsticks but they are not sticky n tepung-based!

I approve!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Time Entry #1

Okay, this will be a fun memory game for myself reminiscing my many firsts memories!

For the first entry, would be of my FIRST TIME ever BUYING FOOD for myself.

So the incident took place when i was in Standard Four, we were on our way to Melaka for Kem Sains & Kesihatan (wow I still remember the name hahahaha). There were four of us representing our school; myself, Mawar, Luqman Hakim and Amin Ghani if I'm not mistaken.

We had our lunch break and I found myself following the girls to McD.
All this while I would have RM 2 for my pocket money, so imagine suddenly you have RM100 in your wallet for 3 days expenses. I think it was rm100.... it was emergency money given by papa since the camp provides complete meal (we had a seat-in lunch and dinner everyday! mewah betul camping ni now that I remember)

So imagine an upgrade from RM 2 to RM 100! sikit2 pegang dompet make sure ade dlm pocket, sorok2 bukak dompet check duit still ade ke tak... it was nerve breaking! So the order, the other girls ordered fried chicken set, burger set while I was scanning the cheapest meal on the menu! So I decided to just go for fries and coke....... YES FRIES AND COKE ONLY. So cheap lah you Khairunnisa, and I ordered the medium set. The cashier asked whether I would like to upgrade to Large for RM 1 and even that tooke me QUITE SOME TIME to decide nak upgrade ke tak.


I have no idea why I was so afraid to spend money,  macam diberi amanah besar untuk menjaga and menyimpan duit yang diberi.

So there I was, having my first-order-and-paid-by-myself-lunch, savoring every bite of the fries while others were munching away chickens and burgers.

First Meal 

If I could time travel, I'd go back and treat myself a happy meal. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Today's itenary is all about growing up. A friend's wedding, superior's open house, a friend's boutique opening day and some other self-fulfilling quest. These stuff were all what my parents used to say to us and we would pull a long face (secretly) whilst wishing for the day to end. and NOW, I'm attending them.

Life goes on and so must you. So my #1 to-do-list was to get these gems configured accordingly. Its been a while since I've put on bangles/bracelets, I thought I've out grown them but maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe some part of me still am goggling on 'em. So Thank You YOUUUU for these babies! Gonna rock 'em hard!

1st stop : Mono. KL 
A vendor boutique owned by Nina's friend. It was her opening ceremony day hence the visit coz we were in the area. That was my first visit to BANGI CENTRAL, dayyyuumm girl~ So congested with boutiques and hipster cafes. You guys are soooo gonna beat Jalan Plumbum Seksyen 7! (yeay less traffic)

Minion #1
Minion #2

2nd stop : Ain Azmi's Wedding @ Puri Buana Garden Wedding, Bangi
Love the ambience and decoration of the place and overall the wedding itself. Due to time constraint, had to leave as soon as the bride enters the hall. Future Doctor/Bride-To-Be in September 2016! Guess whooooo~ 

3rd Stop : Kak Fedd's
had the best SATAY here! So big and juicy ! Since we were still full from the wedding, just a few bites here and then we were off. It was our first time visiting Bandar Kinrara and facing the infamous Puchong's traffic jam.

4th Stop : IOI Mall Puchong
with the high hopes of finding Maya's birthday present but ended with despair when there was no interesting shops there, and we were kinda beat up to stroll the rest of the place. I did got my charm bracelet fixed so yeah~

5th stop : Upstairs Cafe, Subang Jaya
Coz this place serves ze best GREEN TEA LATTE ever! Its like drinking a melted green tea Kit Kat, Not too sweet, not too bitter, perfection in a cup. We've been to lots of cafe's, but none could beat this one. They are a bit pricey compared to others but the quality is way above others. 

I've made a vow to come back here in a year's time hoping that my plan goes well. 
InsyaAllah, Amin!

I dont do hot drinks but for you, I'll make an exception !

Making full use of the natural lighting for the perfect picture (coz its full inside)

 Excuse the messy tudung and face, was busy video shooting for these ! 


Friday, August 7, 2015


Yes, the beginning is scary, you cant predict what will happen
and I still cant believe I did it.
Very thankful that I did it but still cant believe I did it
Its a challenge to oneself and a motivation to oneself.
Lets beat all the odds and beat those criticism.
In the words of Pokemon,


We'll meet again on the 1st of July 2016!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

An Advocate and Solicitor of High Court Malaya


See this pretty lawyer here? 
well dont be deceive by this pretty innocent yet fun look coz 
she'll grill you alive if you were ever on the other side of the bar. 
She'll come at ya with everything she got, and might I warn ya, she's got EVERY THANG~

Last Friday was my best friend's Long Call or for non-law people out there, it is similar to a graduation, well the gist of it. They will be officially acknowledged as a lawyer when their Master wore them the robe, after their senior lawyers read out their biodata/speech to the public before the Judge admits them to the Bar. yeah, my sentence are out of orders.

On Mia's Coronation Day (what i call them, sesuka hati je kan), there were 11 of them in her session. I loved Mia's speech coz it sounded relax, non-yawning sentences of self-bragging (well because she matters to me right?) and managed to get some laughter out of the serious court room (thanks to the one who reads Mia's speech...wey i dont know what term you use to call that person). It was sweet and sincere and also Mia, I'm sure your parents were so freaking proud of you as they stood up after their presence were called :) I know I did! 

"Cik Dhiya Damia Shukri, pada menjalankan kuasa yang diberi oleh undang-undang pada saya, Saya menerima masuk dan memeteraikan Cik Dhiya Damia binti Shukri sebagai PEGUAM BELA dan PEGUAM CARA Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya"


My heart literally skipped a beat (literally) when she said "MENERIMA MASUK & MEMETERAIKAN". My friend is a freaking lawyer and I AM SO PROUD OF HER! Balqis said "ok Khai, you can now break the rule, coz U have ur own lawyer" after she sucked up her hingus from crying the moment you stand up (drama queen~). 

And, it is not us without this camwhore moments 
(well we suited up, might as well make full use of it!) 


and here's to NEVER missing each other's Big Moments in Life!