Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Maze Asia 2014

First and foremost 

Apologies for the excitement, you see, this is my first time ever to be a participant in such events. The most I've contributed would be as one of the volunteers which I actually would suck in it coz I'm lazy like that. 
So, for me, this is a personal achievement, for someone of my size, I am proud to say,
Challenge Accepted and Been There Done That, FIN!

Besides being part of history in the Malaysia Book Of Records for the Biggest Maze in Malaysia and getting my end-of-the-year-supposed-to-be-musim-tengkujuh-but-it-is-sunning-brightly-tanned, surprisingly I had amazed myself *moments of self-appraising*

I am not a fit person, yes, people who knew me well knows that I am not that kinda person. However I love doing obstacles course (which are for easy going person not the athletic shit) and do something out of the ordinary. So this run is perfect for me! but I was on a lantak-pi phase coz I didnt do any research on what's this run was all about. I refused to know any information about the obstacles coz I want it to be a surprise !(sebenarnye takut akan backout bila dah tau kesusahannya)

Sebelum Kejadian, still fresh and innocent. You'll see how this angel faces turns mushy and tensed! 

H058 : the 58th person of the 11:00 o'clock session ( I assume)

FUNFACT: This is Rechel George, I've seen her once in one of the Fear Factor Malaysia episodes and was blew away with her fearless acts! So it was like meeting a real superwoman in person ! and she was so humble and nice. (didnt saw her at all in the race, confirm the first one to finish)

The What-Have-We-Got-Ourselves-In-To face (well macam aku sorang je yang buat muka tu)

Shayt Got Real! Minutes before we begin!!

The first obstacle: crawling  meniarap? under the wires
Thank God the floors were slippery so it was easy to push yourself forward 

The second obstacle: climbing this 2.65 metres high plank (i think its 2.65)
There's 2 ropes for men in the middle and 2 ropes with stairs for the ladies
This may look scary but it was actually quite easy (with stairs of course)

The third obstacle: 3 pool, 1 with tyres, 1 with wires, 1 empty
I loved this part because the weather was so hot and the water was cold and nice!

It wasn't as greeeeeen as I imagined it ( you know those green garden maze in the movies)
you could go nuts if you were alone and figuring out the way out. Nina with her nerd mode telling us the probability of 30% of getting the right doors when we encountered 3 different doors to choose from. Zatul with the colors coordination in the maze and me, keep on looking out for the towers as guidance while goofing around as if we were in one of the battlefield in counter strike.
and this was Nina's reaction when we managed to get out of the maze

The fifth obstacle: Green Garden Wall Climbing
I HAVE NEVER HAD THE GUTS TO DO WALL CLIMBING because I NEVER have the confidence of pulling myself up. yes I'm insecure like that. I've tried several times doing this activity and failed miserably every single time. Hence, to be able to cross this wall (walaupun tak tinggi sangat pun) was such an accomplishment because it is something that I had failed to do before. Thank you dude for the help!

and we ended our race by running a 100 meter track to the finishing line! 
For a noob non-atheletic person like me, this run was so much fun.  

Selepas Kejadian: see that tanned face and fingers!

Muka bangga dapat berjaya buat semua obstacles!

Overall, this was a freaking great experience and the medal, was worth the money!

and down here is Us, having our own sweet time doing the run 
while others were busy finishing the run in a rush to claim The Best Time prize.


PS: Thank you Irfan for lending me your camera! It was worth running around with one hand busy filming this historic event of my life (overs)

PSS: I've learn to never limit your expectations and with strong determination, anything is possible, in this case, do-able!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

That feeling.

That feeling when you get the same understanding with your lecturer. This why I miss school. I dont feel stupid. I get to feel my brain running around looking for answers. 

If only this dude was around during my Power System Communication class back in school. I would be moreeee interested to go to work. But then again back then I could not imagine what the lessons are about. But still, this dude's method of teaching was superb ! Its like learning mathematics all over again but the topic was about distance protection. 
Now I get what the zones are all about. 

Yeah, it is quite sad that only NOW I know how the transformer windings are drawn. Well, better late than never.

PS: i miss school especially you mathematics T_T

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Cat Lover The Frog Lover

Strictly loves the soft toy of it. Not the real thing but I guess that was during those hingusan school days. I have no idea why I loved the frog. That species is on top of my gross list. Sorry amphibians, you and me, we are never going to get along well, like ever. 

Enough intro for the title. This is just a random life update post between this cat lover and this used-to-be frog lover. We used to talk about, well know, what did we used to talk about Mia? I think I have Dory's Amnesia. Lately I have a lot of trouble remembering things and No I am not getting old yet. Anyways, yesterday chat made me felt like we've leveled up in life. Its just a brief chat about a lipstick but it made me smile and made me forget the 3 hours drive back home (usually 45 mins). I'm savoring every little things we do and talk about because that's what I do and kept me being sane. 
Pretty right? The color. The brightness. The person (kenyit mata). 

And its flour-less! Yeah that's my one rule for applying lipstick. No tepung feeling lipstick allowed. Haha. And knowing this, she excitedly share me the info! I Love You ketat ketat! 

PS: yes i'll be updating this dusty blog as frequent as I can.
PSS: the first one is entirely for you bebigurl! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Knock knock, hellooo traffic!

Helllooo traffic jam!
Hellooo early morning rush hour!
Hellooo rules and regulations!
Hellooo dressing up formally!
Hellooo bosses!
Hellooo KPI's!
Hellooo audits and stuffs!
Hellooo big appetite!
Hellooo big temptations!
Hellooo evening rush hours!

and Helloo working industry!

Yes, I am now officially considering myself as one of those 100,000 people, ehem, belia, entering this new world, a world where all the worries in life bulking up one by one, according to the responsibility that we chose ourselves. Gone are the late wake up routines or late night burning the midnight oil while increasing your eyesight level. Gone are the era of going to "vocal training" in the middle of the day or night during weekdays. Now I listen intensely to the traffic updates on air, YES, i do that earnestly (acting like i know the roads mentioned) and I tend to follow the DJ's tips with anything related to the office; ie; tips on staying awake in the office and so on.

Aaaaand these are my first week story! well, I do not know how long will it last for a weekly update but here's to it while it last! The story begins from Sunday, maybe because I was too nervous, or scared, I woke up at 6 on a Sunday thinking it was Monday and I was late for work! Jumped out of bed for nothing and laughed by myself *giggles* (okay this is so maya, note to self, not to write that again) SO, first day! Papa woke up 1/2 hour early than he's normal routine to make sure I'm awake and gave me a good luck hug in his pyjama before going back upstairs and getting prepared himself, since due to Bangsar, I am the first one to leave for work. Mama on the other hand, took the liberty of preparing fried spaghetti for breakfast! SCORE! I could finish the whole packet of it, there's some addiction to me when it comes to fried spaghetti!

Thank you Papa Mama for the lovely thought, I hope I could always be the daughter you would be proud of! Nina, now now, willingly helping me, despite the  princess-ordering-behaviour, for my first day photoshoot. Esya will always be Esya. Thank you baby girl, I love ya !


My morning routine drive, now I am one of those who would need to go through the bizarre traffic jam of Federal Highway. 

The 6th floor cubicle, whilst waiting for the next order, spent the rest of the day here.

SCADA & EMS cubicle, more privacy and a bit more peaceful environment :)

This was beef bread lasagne, mama first attempt! How I wish someday I could be as a great of a cook as mama is!, Even at first trial, she scored it! me? pfft!

Our first pinned notice! hahahahaha okay I know this was childish but of course you would be excited for the first time of eveything right?

In summary of the first week, basically had nothing to do, we were in the introduction phase, hence, not too detailed explanation from the colleague, just a brief story of the department jobscope. The people seems nice, and the office were cozy! Not to mention, how active and chatty the YEDP whatsapp group was for this past week. okay, YEDP stands for Young Executive Development Program. Can't wait to meet the rest of them next week! Slowly learning and adapting myself in this world. I however, have not yet feel the moment where I can call myself an engineer, hoping that day and the level of confidence would come soon. InsyaAllah, Amin.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Saranghae Beehah unnieeee

Saeng chuka hamnida
Saeng chuka hamnida
Saranghae Beehah unnieeee
Saeng chuka hamnida!!!

You would have turned 25 today, I would have begged you to accompany me shopping, picking out beautiful blouses and formal attires. I would have asked you lots of things on make ups and shawls and stuff. you were always so easy to talk to, now I am slowly learning in dressing up decently. How I wish you were here to see me. I would have asked you to go karok one last time before entering this new world. I would have definitely copied your dress code because I really adore your confidence.

All of these would have and could been are just empty thoughts held inside.
Missing you so much.
Saranghae Unnie.

Yours sincerely,
your dongsaeng

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Hey! its the most anticipated day of your entire degree life, all those sweats and tears finally paid off, GRADUATION DAY! Its the day you are allowed to get hyped about on dressing up w/o getting rolled eyes since it is YOUR day, well except for the wedding day, but that is miles away, so this is the first step to be all crazy and stuff. 

For me, I've just bought myself a new gold glitter shawl to match my raya kurung and heels. Little that I know that my robe was in yellow stripes, so yeah, I was in the royal colour that day! Just a recap of my past "award days"; what I called for the days of the important results day, ie, UPSR, PMR, SPM. I think I have no luck with those days, I've always missed those exact moments where you share your success, happiness with your friends. It was either I was late, or was not there when the teachers call out name of those who scored all A's. For SPM, I did not score perfectly, but at least I had the chance to face the tension of waiting for my name to be called by the teachers. Lastly, the degree graduation day, it was a bitter-sweet moment graduating with only 10+ friends from the whole batch. Story of my life, lulz but anyhow, it was an amazing day. 

Did you know that the tassel, the string thingie on your graduation cap has their own definition? I saw it from GLEE, in their graduation episode, they would place the tassel from right to left after they received their scrolls from the principal. The significance of the tassel is to certify you as officially a graduate. (thanks to papa, wikipedia and some random website for the info) Here is my facial interpretation of the tassel definition. 


Right -> Left
Done with studies -> Officially graduated

I would also like to thank my lovely family, whom willingly waited for the ceremony, in Malaysian hot weather, to congratulate me and giving me flowers. Your presence alone was enough for me, I was so touched with everyone of them who came and wished from afar. I LOVE YOU LAH! what do you do when you have LOTS LOTS LOTS LOTS LOTS LOTS LOTS of pictures and you want to show them all? MONTAGE~! (thanks to lisma for introducing me to flipagram) Here are some of our family jump shots! It was epic seeing them all! I know this is me being selfish, but how I wish everybody was here.

A few days later, I am back in UNITEN for my convo photoshoot with the gang. I would like to take this opportunity to thank NAJIB for being the best-patient-sporting-photographer a friend could ever wished for! I'm not that photogenic and really does not know how to pose and stuff, I'd be so awkward in such pictures. So here are some of the thousands great moments caught on camera!


Awesome props kudos to Najib! 


No motive here, just fooling around.


So blessed to have known every one of them, I may not be the most subtle friend, but fyi, you guys will always have a special place in my heart! and Here's a flipagram dedicated to every one of you!


Yes, you can count on me like 1 2 3 and I'll be there, always :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Make You Feel My Love

Okay, I planned to have the posts(of how I spend my 2013) all in chronological order but I got excited for this one, so yeah, here's an exception. Fresh from the oven as they say. First time Ever, uploading such things. Always thought of it, but never had the Guts to actually do it, but yeah, I finally did it.

Learned this song from Nina,
and loved it even more when I heard Sam Kelly from Britain's Got Talent sang it beautifully. *tears*

This was just for fun since now I am one of those unemployed belia's. OMG that phase is here(more on these sheenanigans later). So here's a little portion of the song by yours truly. :')

The pictures were there just so I could use the guitar recordings as a video to combine with the vocals. I dont have or own or even knows how to operate those sounds mixer and yada yada yada, so this was 100% published by the loyal yet sometimes a headache windows movie maker. YES. Live with it.


PS: Dear Husband, I know you are great, that's why I love you, but you'll be more dashing if you could sing me this song, on our wedding day perhaps? That would be breath taking ;)