Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Gombak

The name brings back tons of memories and unforgettable memories.....
i could never ask for more for what i had experienced during my two years of study there.

The first landscape that caught my eyes were of course the famous Kalang was during my fist visit to the school in 2005..i was in form 2..i was sending my
brother to the school..."woah" came out of my mouth once i saw the incredible n cool design rally i ever saw...n instantly i could imagine myself standing there...queeing in lines n who would have thought that i would REALLY queueing there 2 years later...huhu

BTW,i went into berkat 2...aiyo..lantai so dirty..abis itam my feet!
sape berkat 2 o5...bersihkan dorm!

InteGomb........i wasnt much in love with the school during my first year....well fights n gossips were always my fwen back it hurts juz staying der...fights with pot..hehe gossip well boys link me with acheh...THANX GUYS.....n girls...haha igt2 la sendiri....... but at the end of the year...i managed to know everyone in my batch...well NOT everyone but roughly i know their names and class..hey? tat's quite an improvement la...since in my former school...bdk klas sblh pun x kenal sgt..huhu as i was life during form 4 was such a blur.......especially during orientation week....i remember the game "Sekolahku Syurgaku"...well i was like a zombie....following others running around school....

Orientation...i couldnt remember what group i was in but i remember Haqeem was in my group..tat was the first time i met him n thought "wow berkaliber gile mamat ni" n after a few weeks i found out he was the HEAD BOY of the school..haha that explains everything..hihi...ironic kan?...seminggu satu group..after few weeks br tau die my group (yang combine igt..)ade Izoe,Oney,Najla,Dila,Farhani,Husna Izzati,Fatin Ganu,Budu,Usup,Adham,Hakim JH,Haqeem,Adam JH n.....i think ders more tp x igt la....sorry...i still kept it you know...the paper cuttings...when each person had to describe one another characteristics based on what they had seen for the past one week...and also the papers that each person foresee what we could become in the future...haha it was funny! i got a lot of sbb pki Braces..YA now i remember i still had my braces back den..haha GEEK... (:P) and the whole orientation week was awesome! and i remember waktu orientasi i was so shy n i was quite quiet...i think ....hehe

SBPI Gombak...has the most exquisite landscape.....besides the fact that it was design so beautifully and one in a kind way....the Bonda during my time Loves to inhibit nature among the steels,cements and rocks around the school...or to an easy way of speaking...she loves flowers.. :)
i am so glad we had such a hardworking and kind and friendly gardeners which i see never had enough of mending the flowers like they were their own....Thank You for your help especially to this one lady..during the end of my school days..she helped me clean the class..hoho you never seen a clas so full of papers and the horror of cleaning up the back of the classroom ALONE...huhu thanx to the lady she helped me....THANK YOU....

In the year 2009, the school had a new makeover...the buildings were painted with new colors..some likes it but some disagree..i love it as long as it makes me feel home...the police station of our school would be the Aspura...while Aspuri would be the fire engine station...hehe

Not to mention our beloved Surau most fond memories there is when we had our practical Haj and was so cool......where he had to dress up in our telekung..for girls and the boys had to wear was so damn cool...there's even a replica of Kaabah to make the practical seems more realistic..also there's the three Jamratul where we throw stones at the middle of the place as an act for hitting the devils......
The experience was awesome and i was so glad we not only enjoyed ourselves...but it also help us in understanding our learning process as this is part of our syllabus.....i loVed it so much because at the end of the day Ruby Red won the title for ...em...i forgot for what but we won la...hehe (:P)

This is a view i captured was so nice and i loved it...haha
it would be better if there was someone sitting der would looked cool~

The best part of being a student of InteGomb is...not only we had great teachers....
I learned how to be a grown up there..besides filling my head with knowledge, i also learn how to take care of myself..independence as they say. i learn how to be a part of a family as much as 173...i learn how to dealt with problems in a more mature and organized manner...and i learn a lot about myself..its a path that shape and mold me to who i am right now...

till my next post.....
Felicitious Nisa
Keep on living the moments
No music? No lyfe!


  1. kawai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ganbatte,girl!!!!!!its soooooooo,verryyyyyyyy pink!!!but then explains u a lot la...~~~

    WuV yA~~~~~!!!^^!
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    Support me and my adorable Massu!!!!(mencapap xtentu pasal jek)
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  2. hoho.. ak second! pink seyh...... n pnjng seyh... hoho.. keep it up mansan!

  3. oit.. kite mng rumah pling smangat la! ak igt lg ak ilang suare sbb bnde 2!! hohoho.

  4. Go Merah!! hahahaha :))
    i luv u merah!!

  5. haha.. congratz wif da chatbox~~!!

  6. haha, wait mmg cikgu bg suma org rumah plg ____ sumthing kn? hha :D i miss sekolahh laa.

  7. hoho.. damn sweet la nisa.. i almost cried... huhuu.. yeah.. memories back then really... dunno wut to say.. haha.. hey my pic kt piramid 2 tgh tunduk bwh!! mne bley! haha,.. nice one nisa~! luv it!!!!!!!

  8. huhu nisa...i cried my eyes i`m blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!its your fault!!!
    hahahahaha i miss US..

  9. it's me HAQEEM Z

    nice one la sis..

    best lak bace blog ko ney.lps ni update sentiase taw.mmg btol le,time sklh mngh ni le kite blaja mcm2 psl life kn.aku sokong 100%.

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  11. mmg proud 2 be integombianzz oh..
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    soo pink mean its soooooo sweettt..
    luvs it....

  12. hye.. its me fizubire.. tanx a lot 4 making such a trmendous blog.. it remids me our former schooltime.. studying together.. discussing... sleep.. enjoying.. going crazy.. huh.. what a moment. hope can be a f5 back.. haha.. impossible.. life must go on.. so sweet.. i'll copy all the content and save it.. even in my hp.. haha.. coz it really meaningful.. to me.. and to all fifthfivers.. luv u all..